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For a company to succeed in the long-term it constantly needs to adapt to changes in its environment. New technologies allow for new methods to address old problems, rendering the old ways inefficient. It is our strength to find those ineffeciencies, make you consciously aware of them and, ultimately, fix them.

We provide

  • general analysis of inefficiencies in your company processes (e.g., in sales, marketing, internal processes, and customer interaction)
  • fast implementation of desired changes
  • analysis of existing or planned software projects with respect to feasibility, success probability and financial outcomes
  • prototype development and productive deployment of software projects with focus on Machine Learning, Data Science and Artificial Intelligence

We value sincerity and honesty above all, even if that means a financial disadvantage for us. Our goal is to convince long-term. We aim to be the trusted partner you ask for a second opinion or for a fast and effective realization of your projects.

Analysis and Elimination of Inefficiencies

The data to find inefficiencies is often at the fingertips of your company. By using software to track orders, processes and payments and with standard tools such as email and a website your company has everything it needs to sense inefficiencies.

In order to become aware of those inefficiencies, the existing data needs to be distilled and analyzed. Discovered inefficiencies are often:

  • Marketing: You attract to few visitors to your site
  • Sales: Your website visitors leave your website before becoming customers, or they do not respond to your onboarding emails.
  • Processes: Part of your employee's daily work can be automated using, e.g., software with Artificial Intelligence.
  • Customer interaction: Some customers do not pay or are unhappy.

In most cases, those inefficiencies can be eliminated, sometimes with simple modifications such as the wording of an email or a stronger emphasis of a sales proposition, and sometimes with more sophisticated software, employing algorithms for improving website structure or e-Mail Wording (e.g., A-B Testing), Image Detection or Document Classification, Fraud Detection, Churn Prediction, ...

In any case, we find those inefficiencies and report them to you, together with potential remedies, estimated cost and duration.

By working together with our clients from the beginning, we are often in a position to finish projects within a few weeks after the initial engagement.

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Automation Project Evaluation and Implementation

Software projects involving "Machine Learning" and "Artificial Intelligence" are en-vogue. Chances are you've already discussed projects about "Predictive Analysis" or "Predictive Maintenance", you've seen the slides about "Industry v4.0" or "Big Data".

Yet few of those projects deliver what they promise. Instead, often they take much longer than initially planned or they are overprovisioned, e.g., by employing Big Data clusters where a simple standard server would have been enough. Such problems are common in the industry and, ultimately, they affect your company's baseline.

Due to our expertise in this area we are in a unique position to analyze and/or implement those projects with a high degree of confidence.

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Company Director: Daniel Michulke

A Computer Scientist by trade, Daniel Michulke finished his PhD in Artificial Intelligence at TU Dresden (Germany) in 2012. In the years prior to that he worked with Machine Learning for several companies such as Neoway Inc. in Brazil and SAP Germany.

Shortly after finishing, he founded a company in Luxembourg for Automatic Time Series Prediction in the utilities sector. With an only moderately successful performance after 2 years, he started to work as independent consultant, again, with focus on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

Since 2014 Daniel has been working as a consultant at a dozen companies in various sectors (Agriculture, Utilities, Investment, Transport, Bamking, Payments, TelCo), almost exclusively by advising on technologies and implementing models dealing with product recommendations, time series forecasting, customer churn, fraud detection, financial statistics, search optimization and many related areas.

In his spare time, Daniel spends time with his wife and his two kids. He also likes to read and to conduct research for his personal investments. Daniel speaks German, English, Brazilian Portuguese and intermediate French.

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